Have you ever loved a place you’d never been before so much that you thought you’d burst with delight?

That’s how I felt the first time I arrived in Tucson. In my wildest dreams I never expected to fall so hard for a land that was almost diametrically opposed to everything I had ever known.

A magic engulfed me the first time I set sight on the mountains and I was hooked. I’m a seeker of light and joy and Tucson spoke to me in a way that no place else ever has.

It took nearly 15 years but I finally arrived in Tucson for good and the first thing I wanted to do was make sure everyone saw the magic in this city.

That’s what It’s Always Sunny in Tucson is about – the ability to soul seek in The Old Pueblo. The vibe, the lifestyle, the events, food, culture and even the wildlife that makes Tucson one of the best places in the world to live! You’ll notice that my opinions are my own and take a decidedly 45+ vibe – there’s not enough media targeted to those of us who are living in the prime of our lives, you know?

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I’m Peggie, the writer behind IASIT. My claim to fame is that I’ve been writing since kindergarten when I learned to read. I’ve written for government clients, Think Tanks, Non-profits, IT consulting firms and my own companies – not to mention hundreds of papers for grade school through College.

A Jersey girl by birth, I’m an avid Yankees fan who was still pleased to see Cleveland and Chicago in the World Series. I love animals so much that my first company was pet-service based and I am on a quest for the most creative and tasty martini I can find.

I share my home with my hilarious and hot hubby ( Mr. Sunny) and my adorable and loyal dog Deuce. When I’m not traipsing around Tucson I’m creating things with yarn, painting animals on canvas, lounging by the pool or reading hands.

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