Bye-Bye 30


Before I left Virginia I weighed 35 pounds more than I do today. I’m not saying that to imply that simply moving to Tucson was a magic elixir that melted away that weight.

The connection exists though.

Although I had long dreamed of moving to Tucson (the mountain,she called to me) when the time finally came I froze. I’d spent 30 something years in the DC metro area and everything I knew was there. There were so many memories there that it was hard to imagine a life where I had to start over – mountain notwithstanding.

Mr. Sunny pointed out that we’d made a commitment to ourselves and it was time to choose to stick to it. He had a point. I did my part to pack and sell and get in the car with a dog (he took the other in his car) and drive out here.

That was the big choice.

To stay put where it was comfortable – surrounded by the people and places I knew or to pack it up and head out to live a dream.

When it came time to face my health and vanity I knew I had to make some choices and I could hang out with the excuses and the comfort in being uncomfortable in my body or I could choose another option.

A year into life here in Tucson and I chose something different. (It took nearly that long to face and reject my excuses.) I reminded myself that I could do hard things and that I could choose a different lifestyle.

Still, I wanted to eat what I wanted and more or less when I wanted. I needed the flexibility to go out to all the amazing restaurants and bars that Tucson has to offer without feeling guilty or “bad” for eating out.I did my research and found a lifestyle that works for me and I’ve made new and different choices along the way.

Mostly I choose to save my points for wine 🙂 but I still get to choose.

One of the things I most want to share here are the ways you can enjoy all the food and drink offered in The Old Pueblo even if you’re trying to keep your figure.

I’m excited to share the journey as I maintain my current weight no matter where I go or what I eat!

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